Wisdom Teeth Extraction

4 Advantages of Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Although they are called wisdom teeth, having them will not make you cleverer than other people without them. The naming of the teeth has got to do with the fact that they appear in your mouth when you are older, and you are between 17-21 years old. Wisdom teeth sit at the back of your mouth. Because wisdom teeth in Huntington Beach are sturdier and broader, which is vital for grinding food. Still, you may not have the teeth, and if you do, you are more likely to experience dental issues. It is common for wisdom teeth to be twisted or exert unnecessary stress on the jaw or adjacent teeth.

Every year, there is the extraction and removal of more than nine million wisdom teeth in America. One main contributor to that is impaction, meaning there is not enough space in the gum for the correct appearance of teeth. Consequently, below are some advantages of extracting or removing your wisdom teeth.

  1. Reduces congestion of teeth

When your teeth are congested or overcrowded, and the wisdom teeth show up, they are more likely to cause damage to other existing neighboring teeth. With time, you will have misaligned teeth as teeth nudge each other to get space.

By removing your wisdom teeth, there is no need to rely on other expensive orthodontic treatments like braces while still ensuring you do not have dental issues.

  1. Safeguard against damaging neighboring teeth

As your wisdom teeth emerge and try to fit into the gum space, they slowly damage and trigger the loss of the roots of adjacent teeth. Moreover, the growth of wisdom teeth may also lead to the grinding of the enamel, the thin outer layer protecting the tooth. As a result, you will be dealing with jaw bone deterioration and tooth decay in no time.

Wisdom teeth that have erupted painfully are even difficult to clean and maintain.

  1. Reduces the risk of oral inflammation and infection

By keeping your troublesome wisdom teeth for a prolonged time, you will have to deal with gum infections and oral inflammation. Dental disease can negatively affect your nerves or access your bloodstream. When an infection comes into contact with your blood flow, you will have a severe condition that affects all of your body.

Additionally, you may not have other jaw disorders, including tumors, because of infection reduction or elimination. Tumors in the jawbone can cause severe dental pain.

  1. Eases dental pain

Extraction or removal of your wisdom teeth prevents infections and alleviates the pain you may have due to crowded and impacted teeth. The pressure emanating from your jawbone generates long-lasting headaches and pain.

Without oral pain, the health and positioning of your teeth are better, and you have more options for food and drinks to enjoy.

You can always deal with an infection caused by your wisdom teeth differently. For instance, you may need to implement better oral care, regularly go for the cleaning of the affected area by a dentist, and use recommended antibiotics. However, the best course of treatment may involve wisdom teeth removal or extraction if you have an impaction and constant dental infections.

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