5 Advantages of Undergoing an Ultratooth Procedure

The brightest part of you is your wonderful grin. There are instances when problems arise, such as the loss of a tooth that threatens to spoil an otherwise desirable feature. Your smile, oral health, verbalizations, and self-confidence may all suffer when you are missing teeth. Ultratooth, a cutting-edge dental implant surgery, allows for the replacement of teeth that have been lost due to injury or decay. If you have lost a tooth or had one severely injured, this is the best option for replacing it. These are the advantages you will receive before undergoing an Ultratooth Orlando operation.

Quick Dental Implant Procedure

A traditional dental implant procedure may take several months for the jawbone to heal fully around your implant. Thereafter, you will proceed to get a permanent crown. With Ultratooth, there is no waiting period. Your doctor will place your permanent root and crown into your jawbone in one office visit even if there are several teeth. Additionally, Ultratooth is also authorized by the FDA.

Restores your Natural Smile

After your doctor has installed your Ultratooth implant, the doctor will attach a custom-made crown to it. This crown appears and feels like your natural teeth, restoring your typical look and grin. Your dentist can insert an individual Ultratooth root and crown at the site of each missing tooth to reconstruct your natural smile.

Simple Upkeep and Care

Unlike other dental restorations, Ultratooth requires almost no upkeep. Cleaning your Ultratooth is the same as cleaning your regular teeth. We also suggest visiting once every six months for a thorough cleaning and checkup. In the same way, you wouldn’t bite on ice cubes or your nails, you shouldn’t do so with your new tooth, either. Doing so could damage the crown.

Protects the Jawbone’s Condition

Chewing stimulates the jaws because of the pressure exerted by the tooth roots. This encourages your jaws to keep replacing the worn-out bone with fresh bone. However, if you lose a tooth, the absence of stimulation in that area may cause your body to cease producing new tissue. Loss of jawbone mass can result from this condition. And this might cause your cheeks to sink in, get wrinkles, and age your face quickly. However, this is not the case with Ultratooth. If you lose a tooth, an Ultratooth implant can replace it just like your natural tooth root would.

Dental Implants placed can be used Right Away

With the Ultratooth dental implant, you can immediately begin using it. Therefore, the day after surgery, you can start eating normally again. When the root of an Ultratooth implant is surgically placed into the jawbone, it extends to make four points of contact with the bone.

Thus, the implant can be used immediately after placement because the root is firmly anchored in place even before the jawbone has completely healed around it. When compared to typical implants, this does not require the patient to wait for the jawbone to heal around it before applying force.

Ultratooth is a permanent replacement for teeth that have been lost. If properly cared for, a crown and root replacement can last the rest of your life. Please visit Orlando Center for Cosmetic Dentistry in person or arrange an online appointment if you are thinking about getting same-day tooth replacement. You will be able to locate top-notch professionals to assist you and help you achieve better dental health.

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