Myths Concerning the Ultrasound

5 Debunked Myths Concerning the Ultrasound

When discussing women’s health, you cannot fail to mention pregnancy. Notably, pregnancy is a vital cycle in life through which the fetus grows and develops in the uterus. While in this period, pregnant women are very anxious about the wellness of the child they are carrying in their womb, especially if it is their first experience. Thanks to modern technology today, if you are pregnant, you can seek an ultrasound Lake Nona to trace your baby’s development in the uterus. The widespread use of ultrasounds in the modern world has led to the emergence of the following myths.

The Ultrasound And Xray Refer to the Same Thing

Some people do not differentiate between the two, claiming they serve the same purpose. People even say they prefer one over the other to save their pocket. The truth, however, is that the two techniques are different in how they function. Ultrasound uses sound waves in imaging, while x-rays use light waves.

Only Pregnant Women Can Use the Ultrasound

This misconception has taken root in women’s health because of the high proportion of women seeking Ultrasound to track the baby’s development in the uterus. Nevertheless, the health care provider can conduct the Ultrasound to image different reproductive system structures. For instance, you can seek an ultrasound scan of your breast to check whether they have a tumor.

The Procedure Is Unsafe

Many people are afraid of Ultrasound, claiming that the procedure can cause cancer to the scanned organs. They even argue that Ultrasound can cause defects in the baby in its mother’s womb. However, the reality is that ultrasound waves are safe and do not cause abnormalities in your baby, especially when you seek this procedure from an expert.

3D Ultrasound Is Superior to 2D Ultrasound

Some people believe that recent technological gadgets are better off than previous gadgets. This perception also applies to the types of ultrasounds where people view 2D ultrasounds as inferior to 3D. The only advancement is that 3D applies computer algorithms to represent the baby in a 3D form. However, the bottom line is that the two techniques serve the same purpose.

You Get the Quick Results

Many people think that once the scan is over, you will get an instant result, but this is not the case. The ultrasound specialists usually present the specific pictures to the radiologist for interpretation. After the radiologists make their remarks on the image, you get the results. Therefore, the period in which you will get the results can depend on the patients who sought the procedure before you. In most cases, after the imaging tests, you will get the results within an average of twenty minutes, although sometimes it may take longer.

Pregnancy is a crucial stage in ushering in a new life. However, pregnant women are often uncertain about their baby’s progress in their womb, which causes anxiety. Therefore, it is good to break the above myths concerning Ultrasound and seek this technique to trace the baby’s development. At Contemporary Women’s Care, a team of experienced obstetricians and gynecologists offers ultrasounds to pregnant women and scans for other reproductive conditions. Book an online appointment or call their office in Winter Park for more inquiries.

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