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5 Tips To Prepare for Plastic Surgery

Each day is a step toward the elderly age brackets. Usually, as you age, your body experiences numerous physical changes, some of which can be reversed. For instance, you will notice changes in the elasticity of your skin which will cause wrinkles and drooping skin on your face. You may not feel comfortable about your skin which calls for medical intervention from skilled specialists. Dr. Kenneth W. Sanders is an experienced specialist who conducts several plastic surgery procedures, such as facelifts, to tighten the skin on patients experiencing aging signs. Here are tips to prepare for plastic surgery.

Reduce the Intake of Caffeine

Caffeine does not seem like a drug. That contributes to its consumption by many people worldwide. Irrespective of the acceptance of coffee as a harmless substance, it can negatively impact your body with some conditions, such as high blood pressure. With these conditions, you are more likely to develop complications during and after plastic surgery. Therefore, you should not drink excessive coffee, especially when anticipating surgery. Drink almost two cups of coffee daily a few days before plastic surgery.

Quit Smoking

One vital step while preparing for surgery is reducing your smoking habit. Smoking some days before your surgery increases the risks as you undergo the procedure. Notably, cigarette constituents interfere with the blood flow, thus limiting the oxygen content reaching the body tissues causing tissue necrosis. Therefore, you should avoid smoking for six weeks before plastic surgery to reduce those risks.

Check Your Medications

Some medications you could take may adversely affect the anesthetic components used during plastic surgery. These reactions usually hinder the surgery’s effectiveness in achieving the desired results on your skin. Therefore, while waiting for plastic surgery, you should discuss your current medications and supplements with your surgeon. Sometimes your provider may recommend you stop some medications, such as inflammatory ones, although they will provide an alternative for your safety.

Avoid Alcohol Consumption

Even if the alcoholic compounds do not trigger major side effects like nicotine, consuming alcohol a few days before the procedure can also ignite some health complications. Notably, the alcoholic components hamper the thickness, making you vulnerable to excessive bleeding during the surgery. Alcohol consumption can also retard your body’s natural healing after plastic surgery. Therefore, you should refrain from consuming alcohol two weeks before your surgical appointment.

Create a Recovery Schedule

Making a plan for your recovery before plastic surgery is a good idea. Your plan should depend on the nature of the surgery you intend to undergo. If you are anticipating the facelift, you should research how long it takes to heal after undergoing this procedure. This information will help you manage your expectations and anxiety before and after plastic surgery.

Are you a victim of aging signs? Many older adults struggle with wrinkles and facial wrinkles, which usually impede their attractiveness. If you are one of them, make the above preparations and seek an effective remedy. Dr.Sanders of Kenneth Sanders Facial Plastic Surgery uses his vast experience to provide less invasive surgical procedures to restore the youthful appearance of patients with aging signs. Call their office today for more enquiries about their services.

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