6 Surprising Facts Concerning the Neuromodulation Treatments

In the evolving world, different ways of managing pain have emerged. The pain management techniques range from less invasive therapies to surgical procedures. The choice for your pain relief depends on the severity of your uncomfortable sensation. For example, if you have mild pain, you can opt for physical therapies to ease your pain. However, when you have chronic pain that is not disappearing even after your conservative treatment, you should undergo neuromodulation surgery Marina Del Rey. Let us go through the following 6 facts concerning neuromodulation.

It Can Boost the Patient’s Quality of Life

Chronic pain is one of the disturbing experiences which interferes with the individual’s capacity to conduct their everyday activities. With the pain from chronic conditions such as herniated discs, you will experience reduced performance in your career and workplace. However, the installed device can ease the pain, thus helping you resume your routine activities.

The Specialist Applies Neuromodulation Through Different Techniques

Neuromodulation consists of various treatments, such as sacral stimulation, peripheral nerve stimulation, and brain stimulation. The treatments that you will receive depend on the conditions that you have in your health. While seeking neuromodulation treatments, you should consider the physician’s specialization to get quality care.

The Neuromodulation Devices Are Reversible

Many people are afraid of undergoing neuromodulation treatments claiming that once the specialists fix the implants in your body, you cannot remove them. However, the reality is that if you wish to quit the neuromodulation treatments, the surgeon can remove the device from your body, thus making the procedures reversible.

The Treatments Have Minimal Side Effects

Different pain relief mechanisms involve the use of certain drugs, which has a higher possibility of leaving many side effects on your health. For example, some oral medications can expose you to cognitive impairment and mental complications in the long run. However, through neuromodulation surgery, you get relief from your pain without those side effects.

The Insurance Programs Can Cover the Neuromodulation Treatments

Many claims that the insurance providers cannot cover neuromodulation surgical procedures, which is not the case. The reality is that you can get these treatments depending on your insurance coverage for these services. Therefore, before opting for the neuromodulation treatments, it would be best to contact your insurance provider to know whether the treatments are within your insurance coverage to meet the cost of the procedures.

The Treatment Allows You to Try the Modality

The specialists conduct these treatments using the less invasive surgical procedure, allowing you to test drive. During the trials, you will have a light on how it feels to have the pain relief implant in your body. This allowance will help you to make the right decision on whether to proceed or not based on how you feel during trial insertion.

Are you a victim of chronic pain? Millions of individuals live with painful episodes even after seeking some pain management therapies. If you are one of them, it is time to seek long-lasting pain relief for the wellness of your health. Ali H. Mesiwala, MD, FAANS, and his team of professionals offer less invasive neuromodulation procedures to alleviate pain for patients struggling with chronic conditions. Click an online booking tool or call their office in Marina Del Rey for more inquiries.

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