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The Wallace Diner blog publishes a wide variety of high-quality content related to travelling. Here are a few types of content that we’re particularly interested in from guest contributors:

  • First-person accounts of renowned places.
  • How-to guides for travel hacks and tips.
  • Lists of successful trips and hacks.
  • Industry-specific facts and figures.
  • Examples to provide starting points or inspiration.

We Do Not Accept:

  • The Wallace Diner blog does not accept previously published, sponsored, or overly promotional content.
  • Wallace Diner only accepts posts that are timely, accurate, original, and resonate with our audience.


  • A short bio of writer must be included with the submission of the article.
  • If there are any co-authors, their name should also be mentioned.
  • All the reference links should be mentioned.
  • The article should not be of less than 500 words.
  • The content should be clearly written and on-topic.
  • Plagiarized and poorly written/presented content will be discouraged.
  • We accept reviews here at Saturday’s Waffles.
  • Any content related to Adult, Gambling, Casino or Pharma fields will not be accepted. Any links related to such material will also be discarded.
  • Send the article to the ID [email protected]
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