Comfortable Flights

Comfortable Flights

Your vacation should start long before you reach your hotel room. Who says that the flight can’t be as relaxing as the rest of your vacation? It certainly can! Use these tips to make your cheap flight just as wonderful as the rest of your stay.

First, be sure that you get a great night’s sleep before you head out. It’s hard to do since it’s easy to be swept up and excited about your trip. However, you’ll find it much easier to enjoy your flight if you’re not cranky from an inadequate amount of sleep the night before.

You should also make sure you have your boarding passes, carry-on luggage, and other bags ready to go well in advance. This will ensure that you don’t rush around in a frantic panic the morning of your flight. You’ll be much more relaxed and more likely to glide through security and onto your flight.

Take with you some comforts, a book you love, a fantastically comfortable blanket or sweater, and a snack that you just can’t start your trip without. Also, be sure to ask our stewardess for anything you might need like pillows or an extra soda.

Even a great deal flight can leave you feeling a little bit sick to your stomach. I’m talking about airsickness. Many people who are susceptible to car sickness or motion sickness of any kind are also likely to get airsick. Even if you don’t get those other types of sickness when you’re on the ground there’s still a chance you may feel ill when you get into the air.

This can be due to the altitude change which can wreak havoc with your inner ear. It also might be that you’re traveling faster than you’re used to.

In order to combat this feeling of air, sickness tries a few of these techniques. First, close your eyes. Take deep breaths. Try not to think about the fact that you feel queasy or nauseous. Simply trying to relax your body might unclench your stomach.

If that doesn’t work, try sipping water or flat soda (preferably a dark cola). The flat soda will give you sugar to help your body retain balance and the liquid sipping will calm the stomach.

If all else fails, over-the-counter medications like Dramamine will work wonders.

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