Myths about Veneers

Common Myths about Veneers You Need to Ignore

Over the years, people are becoming more self-conscious about their smiles. They want to move their teeth to be outstanding and easily noticed by everyone. After this process, they usually enjoy improved confidence and self-esteem. However, most people delay before choosing the best procedure since there are different dental treatments. Hawthorne veneers have been proven the best option for people looking to boost the appearance of their smile. If you are looking to have veneers, the following are the myths that you should stop believing in.

They are Noticeable

Some people prefer a procedure that other people will not note. This is why they have avoided veneers since they think other people will notice them. However, it is hard to note veneers since they are customized according to their natural teeth’ thickness, shape, size, and color. Normally, only you and the dentist know that you have veneers.

They are Painful

Every individual fears pain and looks for ways to eliminate it. Most patients have ever heard the myth that getting veneer will be painful. However, the process is not painful since it is carried out with local anesthesia to help numb the area surrounding those teeth. The process will make you feel relaxed and offer you pain-free treatment. Besides, the patient does not experience pain after the application. If you experience any pain, it is a sign that you are suffering from a problem.

They are Only Used for Cosmetic Purposes

Most people believe that veneers can only be used for cosmetic purposes. Even though some are using them to enhance their smile, they can also be used to protect the teeth from suffering damage or decay due to the porcelain. In some instances, veneers help to build up the worn teeth. They can also help to correct misaligned teeth and major gaps.

They are hard to Care For

Some people avoid veneers because they feel they will have a long process to care for them. However, the truth is that people will not have to change their life much. In most instances, they will have to care for the veneers the same way they cared for the natural teeth. After eating your regular diet, you should brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss at least once daily, and make regular dental visits. Moreover, the person should change the toothpaste if they previously used an abrasive one.

They are Expensive

Some people fail to have veneers since they believe they cannot afford the process. It is critical to note that the price of the veneers varies according to the number used. Besides, it varies according to the material of the veneers used. In most instances, the resin veneers are cheaper than the porcelain veneers. If you want cheap veneers, you should go for the resin ones.

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