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If you have come across this article, you are certainly interested in what it is like to go to Croatia with a small child. Very often you can meet with opinions (usually older people) that it makes absolutely no sense that a child will “catch” various diseases, will melt “in the sun”, it will be kidnapped and, in general, there is a devil abroad :).

In my opinion, in most cases, there are no contraindications to taking a small child with you on holiday to Croatia or to another civilized country. We went to Croatia with an almost one-year-old child and a year later with an almost two-year-old. It is very important to ensure all travelers for the duration of their stay abroad (also for the time of travel and return).

Another extremely important thing, being already on the spot, is to properly care for our child’s skin by using creams with a high filter and constant observation of our child, especially while staying on the beach. I think these are issues that every reasonable parent should be aware of.

Are the beaches in Croatia suitable for children?

Many people will certainly be interested in the topic of beaches in Croatia. Aren’t they too dangerous due to their stony composition? Aren’t they too dangerous due to their stony composition?

Apart from the fact that some beaches in Croatia are sandy, most of the others are sandy small-stone, so children can play without any problems. The only drawback for children or some adults in many cases is that in order to move comfortably on the beach or in the water, you must have some footwear on your feet.

It all depends on what beach we are on. I saw dozens of beaches in different parts of Croatia (mainly in the south) and I would summarize them like this:

  • 5% – concrete beaches
  • 15% – beaches are mostly covered with large rocks. Often with not very good descent to the sea
  • 50% – fine-gravel beaches with good descent to the sea
  • 34% – pebble beaches with good access to the sea
  • 1% – sandy beaches

For me, a huge plus of pebble beaches in Croatia is that the water in the sea is crystal clear. There is nothing to hide, however, that a beach with golden sand would be much more child-friendly, but I think that there is no point in giving up beautiful Croatia only because of the beaches, which, as I wrote earlier, are not so bad. Most kids will enjoy it too.

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