Dazzling Benefits of Undergoing Minimally Invasive Surgery

Surgery can be a bothersome procedure for anyone. As a result, healthcare providers have tirelessly worked hard to develop minimally invasive procedures to change the viewpoint of surgical interventions for patients. Minimally invasive operations have enabled physicians to perform a series of in-office procedures Lake Mary on numerous patients. The procedure offers several benefits compared to open or traditional surgery. Some common procedures you may receive via minimally invasive surgeries include IUD insertion, Birth control implants, and laparoscopy. The following are some dazzling benefits of undergoing minimally invasive Surgery.

Less Hospital stay

After undergoing surgery, you do not have to continue staying for extra time in the clinic than a person who has undergone traditional or open surgery. In fact, you may return home after spending only one night in the clinic and have a proper rest at home if you follow your doctor’s instructions carefully.


Your doctor can use in-office procedures to perform several procedures than open surgery. For instance, the doctor can use minimally invasive surgery to treat digestive, urologic, lung, heart, and kidney concerns. Some common gynecologic procedures that can be done using minimally invasive surgery include oophorectomy, hysterectomy, and ovarian cyst removal.

Minimal Risks of Infection

Earlier, there were high chances of experiencing external unclean infecting wounds and internal organs. However, minimally invasive comprises smaller incisions, reducing the possibility of exposure to germs. Additionally, the chances of bleeding and bacterial infections are sometimes avoided due to the use of smaller surgical incisions.

Smaller Incisions

The minimally invasive operation involves small incisions, while traditional surgery entails larger incisions to have clear access to the body. For example, the traditional open laparoscopic utilizes about six to twelve-inch incisions. Since a laparoscopic procedure utilizes small tools, your surgeon can perform a procedure with smaller openings. The incisions are less than one inch if you want a hysterectomy done using the da Vinci robotic system.

Minimal Scars

Whenever a procedure involves smaller incisions, the chances of scarring are minimal. Usually, small incisions need fewer stitches, mainly the root cause of scars. However, if the incisions leave scars, their small sizes are responsible for making the scars less noticeable than a single long incision from open surgery. Thankfully, the scars will fade and become almost invisible after some months.

Less Blood Loss

Contrary to open surgery, minimal invasive surgery (MIS) decreases the risks of blood loss. Minimal blood loss occurs because the larger part to be operated on requires smaller incisions. In most cases, larger incisions surge the chances of blood loss, potentially requiring blood transfusion. As a result, the MIS is more appealing to even surgeons who are worried about complications of blood loss. Moreover, the reduced risk of blood loss protects your health and brings peace of mind before surgery.

Undergoing open surgery can be nerve-racking due to the high risk of blood loss and prolonged recovery time. If you are nervous, minimally invasive surgery might be the solution. Christopher K Quinsey, MD, performs numerous in-office procedures at his well-situated clinic located in Lake Mary, Florida. The procedure is safe and comfortable, enabling you to save time, so you do not have to worry. To book an appointment, call or visit the clinic today to get started.

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