Elbow Pain

Debunking Common Elbow Pain Myths

An elbow is one of the most critical body parts that most people overlook. It helps the person to throw, swing, lift, and hug. Since it is engaged in many activities such as sports, hobbies, and jobs, it is likely to do these activities wrong, increasing the risk of injury. The person could have pain, swelling, and tenderness around the elbow when at rest or making movements. Since the condition interferes with the individual’s life, there is an increase in people seeking treatment for elbow pain Leawood. The following are the common myths regarding elbow pain.

It is an Inflammatory Problem

Since elbow pain is also known as lateral epicondylitis, most people perceive it as an inflammatory condition due to the “itis” in the name. However, it is a degenerative condition at the elbow’s extensor carpi radialis brevis tendon. Since the individual’s tendons degenerate as we age, most degenerative conditions turn haphazard in some individuals causing excruciating pain.

The condition Cannot Get Better on Its Own

Since elbow pain is a degenerative condition, it is aggravated by repetitive activities which engage the elbow, such as sports and work. This has been the main reason most middle-aged people suffer from it and are less traced among the elderly. If you avoid aggravating factors, you could make the condition better. Moreover, since the seriousness of the condition could be unknown, you should consider visiting a specialist for diagnosis.

The Elbow Splints

Some people have not believed in elbow splints. The individual should understand that regardless of being cheap, these splints manage these symptoms of worn and applied correctly. These splints function by offloading the tendon attachment that has a problem at the elbow. You should wear these splints on the forearm far from the elbow and ensure that you place them right over the ECRB tendon. You should not wear these splints when you are sleeping or at rest.

Physiotherapy does not Work For this Condition

Some others have failed to seek physiotherapy since they believe it would be futile. However, you should understand that this is the only proven treatment that is more effective than natural history. Physiotherapy usually aims to strengthen the wrist extensors. The person may have to undergo a 12-weekly program of strengthening the exercise. This is one of the treatments that have attained the highest recoveries.

The Steroids Injections are the Best to Treat the Condition

Most people prefer steroid injections to treat the condition. Even though steroids minimize inflammation, they have also weakened the tendons. There have been instances that some patients return worse after steroid injections. You should therefore use steroids as the last treatment.

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