Factors to Consider Before a Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that alters the nose shape, contour, or function. A nose job is one of the most sought-after procedures in America, alongside breast augmentation and facelifts. It can improve the appearance as well as the function of your nose. Before undergoing rhinoplasty Roslyn Heights, here are factors to consider.

Age and timing

People of all ages can undergo the procedure. But plastic surgeons do not recommend rhinoplasty for young patients. Ideally, you must be at least 16 years or older. Your nose and facial structures have stopped growing at that age.

At a younger age, changing the structure of the nose can influence its growth in the future. As you grow older, the aesthetics of your nose may change, affecting the procedure’s outcome.

However, younger patients can undergo the procedure if they have medical issues such as nasal blockages. Severe nasal blockages may cause snoring and breathing problems. Rhinoplasty adjusts the position of a deviated septum to restore breathing and prevent dry mouth and other complications.

Your Physical Health and Rhinoplasty Outcomes

Your physical and mental health have a considerable impact on the outcomes of the procedure. Skin thickness is one aspect that can impact the aesthetics of your nose. For example, changes in the underlying structure may be more conspicuous for patients with thin skin.

If you have had a rhinoplasty procedure, plastic surgeons recommend waiting for at least one year before. Inform your surgeon of previous surgeries to facilitate a suitable treatment plan. Medications, allergies, and past injuries may also be critical for planning the procedure. 

Smoking and drinking can also influence the recovery process after surgery. The nicotine in cigarettes constricts blood flow and limits the supply of nutrients to parts of the body for healing. If you smoke or drink, consider quitting for at least one month after the nose job.

Balancing Nasal Symmetry with Facial Features

Adjusting the shape of your nose could enhance your facial appearance and boost your confidence. It is one of the reasons a nose job is still a common procedure. But there are limitations to the changes possible with rhinoplasty. The nasal function will determine your treatment plan.

Facial features are unique in every person. Therefore, you cannot replicate the results of other people with seemingly perfectly shaped features. A plastic surgeon has to consider other aspects of your face to ensure you get the desired results.

Your plastic surgeon will interview you during the initial consultation. You can provide images to explain the changes you expect after the procedure. The appointment will also evaluate your expectations. Your plastic surgeon will also discuss the risks and outcomes. 

A Rhinoplasty can address esthetic and functional problems with your nose. But the procedure is a customized process designed to meet each patient’s needs. Several factors will determine if you are a good candidate for a nose job.

Your plastic surgeon can customize your treatment plan to match health considerations and individual expectations. Contact Plastic Surgery Associates of Long Islands to book a rhinoplasty appointment today.

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