How CCTV Cameras Prevent Violence In the Classroom and Elsewhere

Violence on the street and in the home has wandered its way into the classroom.  Parents and their children no longer feel that the schoolroom is safe from potential threats. Cases of home violence are also steadily increasing. This large change is mainly due to the devastating murder of twelve students, one teacher, and the wounding of 24 others by two students at Colorado’s Columbine High School. 

Students are subjected daily to the possibility of a reenactment of the Columbine tragedy along with the risk of being threatened, beaten, and bullied.  This creates the makings of emotionally strained students in an impractical learning environment.  Other acts such as vandalism, drugs, theft, and gang activity have also increased in every grade level.

How to Handle Violence

Security guards and metal detectors were put in place to deter violence and behavioral issues, but their presence is not enough.  Security guards are not able to be in all places at all times and metal detectors cannot detect bombs, drugs and abnormal student behavior.  School districts across the country have turned to CCTV camera as a tool to identify violators by positioning CCTV cameras in every classroom, hallway, school bus, playground and other common areas where students gather.

The presence of cameras has helped prevent violent acts and inappropriate behavior, as well as the risk of child abductions.  Recordings from CCTV cameras can be instantly replayed by School Administrators.  Students performing Illegal or inappropriate acts can now be identified and held accountable with conclusive proof.  CCTV cameras can provide long-range viewing while having the capability to provide crystal clear images.  PTZ cameras can also pan, tilt and zoom, providing maximum coverage without dead spots.  CCTV cameras with infrared can record during the nighttime hours, perform spotting, and record break-ins.

But we should note that CCTV cameras are just reactive and can not play any part in stopping the mishap. Though they can highlight the causes later. But it will be better to adopt a proactive approach. Installing LOTO Station is one such approach. Here we are allowed to store the hardware at a central location which can enable our employees to access it and work toward stopping it before it creates a mess.

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