Maui Vacation

How to Plan your Maui Vacation

You’re facing a dilemma.  On one hand, you want to do everything you can to ensure that your vacation in Maui will be a dream-come-true.  On the other hand, you don’t want to return from your Maui vacation having spent so much money that it will be a very long time before you can afford another visit.

The ideal Maui vacation will be a combination of relaxation and adventure, but even lying on the beach at Maui comes at a significant cost.  When you add in other expenses like sightseeing tours, snorkeling or horseback riding, a visit to the Maui Ocean aquarium, a traditional luau–any of the things which will make your Maui vacation and unforgettable one, you’re almost certainly looking to economize where you can.  One of the most obvious places to economize is on your Maui accommodations.  Maui vacation rentals are never cheap, but there are nonetheless ways for you to ensure yourself the best deal when you find a place to stay.

You’ll have your choice among hotels, condominiums, and private homes for rent.  Because Maui is such a magnet for tourists, there may be stiff competition for beachfront hotel rooms from other vacationers who realize that this may be the only visit they have to Hawaii and want to enjoy themselves to the hilt.  Should you decide to join them and pay for a top-of-the-line luxury hotel suite, you’ll be guaranteed outstanding service and pampering during your stay.

The large number of vacation rentals in Maui, however, also means that you will have an opportunity to find accommodations which put less of a strain on your budget.  The cheapest way to vacation in Maui, without a doubt, is to take advantage of the many campsites located throughout the island in all sorts of settings.  You can camp on the beach, in an open meadow where you can wash each morning in a waterfall, in the middle of a rain forest, or sheltered from those afternoon rainstorms by a grove of trees.

Some of the camping areas in Maui offer cabin rentals, and while the cabins are primitive, they do solve the problem of lugging around tents and sleeping bags.  Cabins in Haleakala National Park, for example, cost $75 a night and have room to sleep as many as twelve people.  If your idea of the perfect Maui vacation is one that is spent in the saddle, you won’t do better than to rent the vacation home available at the Mendes Ranch in a Kahakuloa in the West Maui Mountains.

For more traditional Maui vacation rental alternatives, think about staying in a condominium.  Maui is famous for its condo resorts, and condos are ideal lodgings for family vacations or if you are traveling with a group of friends.  Many condo resorts offer access to a variety of attractions for an extra fee.  You may find one which has golfing or tennis privileges, and almost all condos have pools and shuttle service to the beach.  Choosing a Maui condo for your vacation rental will also save you money on your meals, because you’ll be able to prepare your breakfast and a snack to take with you during the day, and splurge at one of Maui’s outstanding restaurants for dinner. Another advantage of using a condo as your lodging is that it will probably have laundry facilities.  You can reasonably expect to spend between 100 and $300 a night for a condo depending on its size and location, as well as the time of year.

No matter how, or where you spend your time in Maui, you are guaranteed the vacation of a lifetime.

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