STD Testing

It is Important to Know This as You Consider STD Testing

STD testing should be on your regular medical routine as you are sexually active. It is important to test for sexually transmitted diseases regularly to prevent spreading and increase the chances of effective management. Remember that some STDs are better managed when caught early, which can be achieved through regular screening as offered by the Oasis Healthcare Service, Inc specialists. Also, some STDs might not show symptoms during the early stages but can still be identified through testing. Several myths exist about STDs, and it is necessary to clear the air. Here are some facts about STD testing that you need to know.

Different STDs Requires Different Tests

There is no one test for all STDs. Some complications can be tested through blood samples, while others through urine samples. HIV and syphilis can be identified through blood tests, while chlamydia and gonorrhea may require urine screening. Additionally, urine and blood tests might not be enough to determine if you have certain STDs requiring additional tests like a throat swab, rectal swab, or a combination of different techniques. Also, some of the symptoms you experience could determine the nature of the test you receive.

Testing and Screening are Different

Although testing and screening terminologies mean the same thing, they are different. Testing can be done when you are experiencing worrisome symptoms, and your doctor needs to confirm or rule out certain STDs. However, screening means that you are only concerned about knowing the unknown and do not have to be experiencing symptoms. Being sexually active is what makes STD screening necessary. However, you might hear several people referring to any, and you should not be confused since the goal is similar.

Urethra Swabs are Unnecessary

Men were required to swab the inside of the urethra in the past, which was uncomfortable and instilled fear among many. Many men were afraid to go for STD testing when they imagined they had to insert a cotton swab in the hole in the tip of the penis. However, that is a thing of the past and no longer important. Most STD testing is done through urine screening. Therefore, do not hesitate to seek STD testing due to past fear. Today screening is comfortable and safe.

STD Testing can be Covered by Insurance

Insurance covers STD screenings and tastings from medical professionals. However, it is important to confirm with your insurance company to make proper financial plans. Also, some providers offer free screening and testing resources, including anonymous tastings, and you can grab those opportunities. Talk with your doctor to understand the nature of the services offered.

Your Results are Safe

Medical practitioners offering STD screening and testing are highly trained in patient confidentiality. Some people fear the social stigma of certain complications and hesitate to go for testing. That can only delay your treatment, worsen your symptoms, or complicate the treatment. The results are quick, and you should have them within hours or a few days. Your doctor should discuss with you the results in a professional way and assure you of safety.

No Preparations are Required

Unlike many medical appointments, you are not required to do anything before an STD screening or testing appointment. You do not have to avoid anything or take substances when attending the appointment. You might only need to skip peeing for about two hours before getting in for your appointment, where a urine sample will be required.

Being updated on your sexual health is crucial in improving your overall well-being. Get in touch with STD testing specialists for more information about STD testing. Make a call today and schedule your consultation appointment.

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