Maui Beaches

Maui Beaches: From Serene to Surreal

The Maui Beaches are the most diverse of all the Hawaiian Island beaches.  They range from serene and secluded sandy shores, sheltered by graceful palms and bordered by ocean waters as clear as bottle glass, to striking black and red lava sand beaches at the base of dramatic cliffs where the surf pounds at the shore and the sunsets seem to reflect the fire of the volcanoes themselves.

While all of the beaches on Maui are public beaches, you will have plenty of opportunities to sneak off to a secluded cove and escape from the noise and bustle of Maui’s touristy side.  Along the west shore of Maui you’ll find the sunniest and quietest beaches, and if you arrive at one of them early enough in the morning, you might mistake the warm water for your morning shower!

The West Maui Beaches lie between Lahaina and Kapalua, with the most developed of them being the three-mile length of Ka’anapali Beach.  This is the place to go if you want to see and be seen, or if you’re a  water sports enthusiasts needing a place to surf or hit the water via a  catamaran.  Black Rock, at the northern end of this beach, offers excellent snorkeling.

Perhaps the best of Maui’s western beaches, and even one of the best beaches in an the entire world, is Kapalua Bay Beach.  The waters off this beach offer outstanding swimming and snorkeling, with plentiful schools are brilliantly-hued reef fish.  Its location in a sheltered area means that the ocean remains calm late into the day. 

Explore the wonders of Maui Beaches

The beaches of South Maui will be the least crowded on the island.  They extend from the beaches of Kihei at the northern end of the South Shore to the Makena beaches at its southern tip.  If you’re like most people, you’ll find that the beaches get better as you travel further south.  One of the best of them is Keawakapu Beach, with its stunning views of the volcano’s crater and its endless stretch of golden sand fronting on a stretch of ocean ideal for swimming.  The best time to visit this beach is in the morning, before the winds have a chance to build up.

There is no better beach in Hawaii than the one at the Makena Beach State Park.  While there are no amenities like restrooms available at this beach, you’ll probably forget all about your need for them as you stroll along the shore and watch dolphins and sea turtles frolicking in the waters.  If you stay around long enough to witness a sunset, you’ll be grateful for the rest of your life!

Kaihalulu Beach in East Maui is more often referred to by its more descriptive name, the Red Sand Beach.  There is nothing like it in terms of remote and surreal beauty.  You’ll have to make an effort to find it, but there will be no mistaking it when you do because you’ll simply stop and stare in amazement.  With your first glimpse of its deep red cliffs looming above and a deeper red sand beach set against the backdrop of a sparkling turquoise lagoon, you’ll immediately want to join the swimmers who are splashing among the shore formed by volcanic boulders.  Schedule an overnight stay near the Red Sand Beach if you can, because the best way to enjoy it is early in the mo1rning when there’s no else around!

No matter which beach you visit in Maui, you’ll be captivated by the sure beauty and splendor that each beach offers.

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