Carry on Packing

Packing For a Carry On Only

For whatever the reason, you’ve only got one carry on bag and maybe a backpack on you for the trip. That’s it. And if your trip is only 3 to 4 days that will do just fine. But what happens when you need to travel for a good week and that is all you have at your fingertips? It is possible to pack enough for a full week of travel in just a rolling carry on and an extra bag on to your cheap flights if you know how to do it right.

Vacuum sealing clothing is one option. There are plenty of choices in bags that can be sealed air tight, creating more space within your carry on.

Limiting certain items is key. Try to keep to two pairs of shoes and two pairs of pants and wear the heavier items on the plane both there and back. Pack only a week’s worth of clothes and if your trip is longer, plan on doing laundry.

Pick garments that work with each other and can be used in multiple outfits. If your item can’t work in multiple ways with other things you have packed, ditch it.

And make your personal item onboard a small backpack. It can carry your laptop or iPad but also extra clothes or toiletries.

Slimming Down Your Suitcase

Getting ready for a flight? Not looking forward to paying extra money for four other suitcases on the plane? Here are some helpful tips to cut down the weight and pack everything efficiently into one suitcase.

Research the hotel or place you are staying to find out what amenities are offered, such as a hairdryer, toothpaste, etc. If the room has it, don’t bring it!

Check up on the weather for the week. If it’s supposed to be chilly the entire week, there is no reason to bring a pair of shorts and flip flops.

If the trip is one week or less, pack the following: 1 shirt per day, 1 sweater/jacket for layering, 1 pair of pants for every 2 days, 2 pairs of shoes (1 to wear and 1 to pack), undergarments for every day, and any seasonal items.

Even if you’re staying longer than one week, follow the same rules but wash your clothing instead of packing more items.

Pack only travel-size versions of toiletries or purchase small plastic bottles if you can’t find a travel size.

Wear the heaviest/thickest clothing on the day you travel so you can have more room in the suitcase.

Try a suitcase that is more durable, expandable and has a good warranty. We recommend rollink suitcases for these features.

Make a list of everything you want to pack so you can see just how much, or how little, you really are packing.

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