Root Canal Treatment Top Advantages

Root Canal Treatment Top Advantages

Have you endured the excruciating pain of a toothache throughout the night? Decaying or tooth with cavities can cause such frustrating experiences, impacting your sleep quality and quality of life. As you consider the best way to address the concerns, root canal treatments win on many fronts, especially compared to tooth extraction. New York root canals are pain-free treatments that entail the removal of an infected pulp, cleaning, disinfection, and filling. Among the top benefits that you stand to realize after root canal treatment includes:

Tooth loss prevention

While tooth extraction helps you deal with pain and other dental concerns, the permanent approach results in tooth loss. When you lose a tooth, it affects the smile and dental function. Bite, chewing, and speech can be impacted. Moreover, the jawbone lacks the even stimulation needed to keep it stronger and healthy. Tooth loss also leaves a gap, and as other teeth shift towards that direction due to the pressure as you chew, it increases the risk of further loss.

Keeps infection from spreading

The infected pulp harbors bacteria. The spread is likely to happen as the bacteria accumulate, especially since your oral hygiene takes a hit due to the pain and sensitivity. This puts you at an increasingly high risk of losing more teeth. Besides lost teeth, the infection can be severe, even causing periodontitis, a severe gum disease. This exposes you to other health concerns, including diabetes and heart disease.

Help improve jawbone health

Tooth loss due to cavities, decay, or other concerns like trauma exposes your jawbone to more bacteria accumulation, leading to infection. This is not the only concern that impacts jawbone health, though. The gap means the jawbone does not get the stimulation needed for healthy growth and development, especially in the early stages. The result is jawbone degeneration; as it loses its mass, it impacts more than your dental structure.

You may notice sunken looks and more wrinkles, especially around your mouth, among other premature aging signs. Root canals help you retain your natural tooth, restore its function, and keep the jaw stimulated. This keeps deterioration and other concerns at bay, making the treatment more practical.

Efficient treatment

While root canals may seem like a lengthy treatment, the option is efficient and cost-effective. This is more so compared to extraction, which requires follow-ups, implants, or dentures, among other options, to bridge the gap. Once the root canal treatment is done, you restore your natural teeth without additional procedures. This saves you time and money, and with the hassle-free quests to keep your natural teeth healthy, realize better progress.

Extreme tooth decay and cavities can significantly impact your dental and overall health. The pain and discomfort alone can ruin your sleep and affect your oral hygiene and nutrition, among other aspects. This impacts the quality of your life, emphasizing the need for an effective treatment regimen. Root canal treatment can help you address your dental issue and avoid significant development that could necessitate significant interventions like surgery. Call or visit Dr. Dorian Cucereanu, DDS, today for more on root canals and all your dental needs.

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