Tips to Prepare for the Breast Lift Surgery

One central attraction for women is their breasts which calls for maintaining these organs. However, as time goes by, women experience changes in their breasts where they start sagging. The nipple begins pointing downwards, and the breast will appear sitting at the lower part of the chest. Women having larger breasts are more likely to develop sagging breasts than the ones having smaller breasts. Nevertheless, in either case, the sagging breasts usually undermine women’s appearance, and therefore women should seek the West Palm Beach breast lift to restore their breast size. The following are tips to prepare for the breast lift to get the best results.

Quit smoking

Smoking usually inhibits the immune system and the recovery process of the body. Notably, nicotine limits the blood flow in the body and hampers the creation of new cells. Smoking can also trigger complications upon the application of anesthesia during surgical operations. Therefore, individuals who have been smoking should stop this habit for a few weeks to the breast lift procedure to reduce those risks.

Reduce the intake of caffeine

Many women cannot engage in their daily activities without first having a cup of coffee. Excessive reliance on coffee can lead to the buildup of caffeine, which can interfere with the body’s functioning. For example, the high proportion of caffeine in the bloodstream can increase the risk of having high blood pressure. Breast lifts can have complications for individuals with high blood pressure. Therefore, if you plan for this surgical procedure, ensure that you cut down the intake of coffee.

Check your current medications

 Some medicine and herbal supplements may adversely react with breast lift medications. Therefore, patients should discuss their current medications with the surgeons. When the surgeons suspect that your current medications would react with the surgical medications, they may propose that you postpone them a few weeks before the breast lift procedure. However, the health care providers must ensure that stopping the current medication does not cause any harm to you.

Stop the alcohol consumption

The effects of the alcoholic components may not be as severe as those of nicotine. However, drinking alcohol within the weeks of the breast lift can have complications after the procedure. Notably, the alcoholic compounds can interfere with the blood concentration, increasing the chances of excessive bleeding during and after the breast lift procedure. Therefore, it would be best if you stopped the intake of alcohol if you plan to undergo this procedure.

Design your recovery plan

You may need to postpone normal activities after the breast lift to facilitate recovery. In such cases, you should seek help from your friends and relatives to conduct everyday activities such as cleaning on your behalf. Therefore, before undergoing the breast lift, you should inform your family and friends about your plans during recovery.

Sagging breasts are unavoidable, especially when women are growing old. Many women feel uncomfortable having droopy breasts since it undermines their attractiveness. However, if you are a victim, it is time to restore the size and shape of your breast. L.A. Vinas M.D. Plastic Surgery, Med Spa & Skin Care Centers has experienced professionals who reshape the sagging breast of their patients. Book the appointment and visit the facility today to reclaim your youthful look.

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