Why You Should Get Your Neck Swelling Checked

If you have neck swelling accompanied by trouble breathing and swelling, you might have a thyroid problem. The moment you experience such discomfort, it is time to visit your doctor. Newport Beach thyroid nodule biopsy can show whether your thyroid nodule is cancerous or non-cancerous.

A thyroid nodule biopsy is a procedure that involves the removal of a tiny sample of thyroid gland nodule tissue. Doctors conduct the procedure to ascertain whether you have thyroid cancer or not.

What symptoms should you look out for?

While the primary symptom of thyroid nodules is swelling, track how you feel when you breathe and swallow. The difficulty in doing so will indicate swelling in your neck. If you have a swelling on your neck accompanied by the following, consider seeing a doctor.

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Mood swings
  • Fatigue
  • Heart palpitations

Types of thyroid nodules

Colloid thyroid nodules. These are non-cancerous swellings, and they don’t spread beyond your thyroid. They are the most common in patients.

Thyroid cysts. Thyroid cysts are swellings that have either liquid or are made up of part liquid and solid material. Doctors usually take a sample of the cysts if they are larger than two centimeters.

Multinodular goiter. This is an enlarged thyroid made up of many swellings.

Thyroid cancer. Although rare, cancer causes serious complications if not caught in good time.

Inflammatory nodules. These are swellings that are a result of chronic thyroid problems.

Hyperfunctioning thyroid nodules. These swellings lead to hyperthyroidism, a condition that encourages the extra production of the thyroid hormone.

What happens during the procedure?

Your endocrinologist will clean the area of the neck they will work on. Next, you will be given a local anesthetic to minimize pain and discomfort. Using a needle, your endocrinologist will extract a sample from your thyroid nodule. Although the procedure might involve taking many samples from your thyroid nodule, it takes less than half an hour to complete.

The physician will repeat the procedure using new and clean needles to extract samples from different angles of the swelling.

What happens after the procedure?

Doctors recommend that you stay in the office for a short while as they monitor you for any side effects. If you show no side effects, you will receive the go-ahead to go home. Given that you had the procedure done under a local anesthetic, you can go home by yourself with no assistance.

Results of the biopsy

The results of a thyroid nodule biopsy usually take two weeks. When they are available, your endocrinologist will contact you and advise accordingly.

If you have thyroid problems, you should visit a specialist who will examine you and carry out a thyroid nodule biopsy. It is important to rule out the possibility of cancer the moment you notice a swelling on your neck.

Dr. Nikravan will conduct your sample removal and advise you when the results are out. Although most thyroid swellings are non-cancerous, you will receive personalized care and treatment. Call or make an appointment online and free yourself of doubts about your thyroid nodule.

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