Top 6 Misconceptions Revolving Around the Dental Implants

A glowing smile is the dream of almost every individual worldwide. However, it is not always easy to achieve this dream, especially when you adopt lifestyle habits that compromise the wellness of your teeth. For example, eating sugary foods can increase the chances of tooth decay and even tooth loss if you do not seek immediate treatment. Nevertheless, you do not have to suffer embarrassment anymore due to damaged or missing teeth since dental implants The Woodlands are here to help you. The widespread use of dental implants has led to the following misconceptions.

Only the Older People Can Get the Tooth Implant

Many people think tooth loss only occurs due to aging, and young people cannot get dental implants. However, other factors, such as injuries or dental complications, can increase the risk of losing teeth. Anyone with missing teeth can benefit from the dental implant irrespective of age.

The Implants Are Not Efficient

Many people fear choosing dental implants claiming that the implant procedure will not acquire the desired results. They even argue that you will not eat comfortably after fixing the implants. The truth is that dental implants have shown 98 % efficiency in replacing damaged teeth. After the implants, you get back your uniform bite on your favorite meal.

You Can Get Dental Implants from Any Dentist

The success rate of tooth implants usually depends on the specialists conducting the fixing procedure. Never take any chance when it comes to restoring your smile. You should seek the services of specialists with vast knowledge and experience in dental implants.

Everyone Will Notice That You Have an Implant

Some people confuse dental implants with noticeable dentures. Once the implantologist fixes the implants in your mouth, anyone looking at you cannot easily differentiate the implants from the real teeth. The resemblance of the implants with the natural teeth is possible through the translucent nature of the implant crown.

Dental Implants Need Special Care

The mention of implants being artificial teeth can leave you thinking that you will need extra care for the implants after the procedure. Nevertheless, you can use techniques similar to maintaining your natural teeth. With regular dental check-ups and daily dental hygiene measures, your implants can last for longer periods.

You Only Get the Dental Implants After Losing All Your Teeth

Some people still believe that if you have one missing tooth, the dental implant may not be your portion. However, the reality is that the specialist can use the personalized dental crown to replace your lost tooth. Therefore, you do not have to wait until you lose all your teeth to seek a tooth implant.

Your smile is a crucial asset to maintaining your psychological and physical well-being. Therefore, you should do what it takes to seek the remedy for your lost teeth that would interfere with your looks. Visit Dr. Young and his team of experienced specialists at Scott Young, DDS, to receive reliable dental implants to fix your lost and damaged teeth restoring your smile. Schedule an online appointment to get started with quality services.

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