Root Canal Treatment

Understanding the Various Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Various dental conditions, including tooth decay and tooth sensitivity, can keep you up all night due to pain. The pain can worsen, thus reducing your oral intake. Hence, if you begin experiencing any pain or discomfort in your teeth, you are encouraged to seek immediate medical help. Among the various treatment options available is root canal treatment which involves getting rid of the infected pulp cavity, the inner part of your teeth. Doing so not only reduces pain but also prevents the spread of infections to your gum and other parts of the body. Therefore, root canal Totowa specialists are here to your rescue if you are experiencing pain or tooth sensitivity and seeking relief. They ensure the diseased pulp cavity is removed, cleaned and disinfected, and later filled to prevent reinfection. Read on below to understand more about the benefits of root canal treatment.

What are the benefits of a root canal?

Below are some of the benefits that make root canals most preferred by patients compared to other treatment options. They include:

·       Prevent tooth loss

Usually, there exist various ways of dealing with decayed teeth or teeth with cavities, including extraction. Tooth extraction is one of the ways of providing permanent symptomatic relief because it prevents future toothaches. However, most people dislike this method because it creates gaps in your smile and might cause other dental concerns like bone loss or misaligned teeth. But with a root canal, you do not lose your entire tooth, thus helping you retain your natural smile and teeth.

·       Prevent the spread of infection to surrounding teeth

Generally, the accumulation of bacteria in the pulp cavity is the primary cause of infection. And with time, the pulp cavity continues to harbor the bacteria, which can spread to your gums or surrounding teeth. Therefore, root canal treatment focuses on removing the infected pulp cavity, which harbors the bacteria, thus preventing its spread to adjacent teeth.

·       Prevents jawbone degeneration

A root can leave your affected tooth intact, providing relief without having it extracted. Unlike tooth extraction, where gaps are created, your jawbone starts degenerating with time because of exposure to bacteria and other elements. A root canal, therefore, prevents jawbone complications in the future.

·       Boosts teeth aesthetics

Typically, a root canal treatment involves removing the infected pulp cavity, cleaning it, and filling it using a polymer material. Your care provider may also recommend using a dental crown to cover the enamel and prevent entry and accumulation of bacteria on the same tooth. The function of a crown is to restore the appearance of your teeth and restore their functionality and aesthetic value.

·       Improves your oral health and general health

Toothaches and tooth loss are common dental concerns that affect your oral health and overall health because they affect your oral intake. A root canal ensures your teeth remain in good condition, thus preventing procedures like tooth extractions. And promoting oral health improves your overall health because conditions associated with poor oral health are eliminated.

Other additional benefits of a root canal include the procedure being painless. Therefore, if you are interested in finding a permanent solution to your pain and sensitivity without having your tooth extracted, you can start booking your appointment at Bogota Dental Center today.

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