What You Need to Know About Lipodissolve

How do you get rid of stubborn fat in your body? We know weight loss does not come easily, but eliminating stubborn fat may even be harder. You may achieve weight loss through exercise and dieting and not get rid of unwanted fat in specific body parts. But with Lipodissolve, you can transform your body and eliminate excess fat deposits. Reach out to Lipodissolve Tallahassee specialists for quality services you can trust. Keep reading to find out more about how Lipodissolve works.

What is lipodissolve?

It is a form or injection that enhances fat reduction in specific body areas. Lipodissolve is an advanced alternative to liposuction. Your provider injects it into the targeted body areas to dissolve the fat.

The procedure breaks down the connective bonds between the fat cells, turning them into liquid form. You can use Lipodissolve on your stomach, chin, arms, or thighs to enhance a smooth appearance.

Usually, Lipodissolve is not a weight loss procedure, and you need to have an ideal weight to benefit from it.

What cosmetic issues does Lipodissolve address?

 You can use Lipodissolve to improve your body contour by eliminating various cosmetic concerns. They include stubborn belly fat, cellulite, and excess body fat in various body parts. Lipodissolve also enhances your buttock and arm shape and size and defines your neck and jaw.

Who can benefit from a Lipodissolve procedure?

You are a good candidate for a Lipodissolve procedure if you still have stubborn fat even after diet and exercise. However, it’s critical to have a healthy weight to achieve better results. Lipodissolve is not ideal for pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with soy allergies, or firm fat deposits.

Your provider also conducts a health evaluation to ensure you are fit for the treatment.

What does the Lipodissolve procedure involve?

Your provider at Tallahassee Vein and Face Clinic applies a numbing cream on the treatment area to prevent discomfort. They administer the injection in specific body areas. The injection breaks down the excess fat cells, and the body excretes them as waste.

What to expect after a Lipodissolve procedure?

The treatment has no downtime, and you may recover within two days. You can resume your routine activities immediately, however, you should stay away from strenuous activities for a few days. You may encounter swelling or redness around the injection sites, which goes away within ten days.

When to expect Lipodissolve results?

The results of a Lipodissolve procedure are noticeable after the initial injections. You need 4 -10 injections between 6-8 weeks apart to maintain your results. However, your results may change with aging, pregnancy, or weight gain.

The cost of Lipodissolve depends on your specific treatment area.

Lipodissolve is noninvasive, and you can use it on various body parts. The treatment has no downtime.

However, Lipodissolve is not FDA-approved and is still under clinical trials. You also need multiple treatments to get visible results and maintain them. The procedure gives excellent results immediately.

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