What You Should Know About Spider Veins

While spider veins may not show symptoms and pain, they may appear unattractive. They may not cause symptoms, but you can seek Venice spider veins treatments if you wish to eliminate them. You can choose different treatments, from lifestyle changes and home care remedies to surgical treatments. You can also get suggestions to help you avoid complications that may lead to the development of spider veins.

What are Spider Veins?

These appear to be red, blue, and purple vessels visible through the skin and appear to turn and twist. Spider veins resemble the spider’s web and mostly affect the face and legs. While spider veins may look like varicose veins, they are smaller and affect capillaries.

What Can Cause Spider Veins?

Spider veins develop from a malfunction of valves in your veins. Veins that carry blood to your heart have a valve that should close once the blood has gone through. However, blood may pool in the vein when this valve weakens. Then a bulge will develop and branch out, leading to spider veins.

What Factors Increase Risk of Spider Veins?

The condition appears to mostly affect women more than men, putting women at a higher risk of developing spider veins. A family recording a history of spider veins means you are likely to develop the condition. There may be a risk that comes with aging because valves controlling blood flow can wear and tear with age. Thus blood will collect in the veins leading to spider veins. Chances are that being overweight puts more pressure on your veins, increasing your risk of spider veins.

What Treatments are Available for Spider Veins?

Your doctor can easily diagnose the condition because of their visibility on the skin. Your vein doctor will recommend treatment options depending on how severe the symptoms appear. The treatment seeks to address the root causative factor of the condition. Below are the treatment options.

Lifestyle Changes

Making major changes in habits like good hygiene and losing excess weight prove useful in keeping spider veins away. Other useful habits include taking breaks to not stand or sit for long periods. Avoid having high heels on for long hours. Use lower heels to improve blood flow.


The treatment eliminates the discomfort and pain from spider veins, thus improving the appearance of the affected area. Sclerotherapy will use a high form of a concentrated salt solution that your doctor injects directly into your vein. The solution contains chemical components that irritate the vein, causing it to collapse, and the vein disappears over time. Larger veins may take longer periods to disappear completely. After the treatment, you may have to wear medical compression stockings for a while.

Laser therapy

Occasionally, your doctor may recommend a surface laser to destroy the bulging veins. Laser treatment can work alongside sclerotherapy and ablation therapy.

You can visit or call Florida Lakes Surgical if you have any unusual appearances on your skin surface. The team efficiently uses noninvasive and medical injection treatments to eliminate spider veins. You can also get tips on avoiding developing spider veins in the future. Visit the website to book an online appointment.

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